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About the Practitioner and Clinic Founder

Ingrid Heintzberger Vu, EAMP, DiplAc, MAcOM

Ingrid Heintzberger Vu is a longstanding fixture in the Washington East Asian Medicine community.  Since the year 2000, Ingrid has helped introduce Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and other whole body integrated health techniques to the Walla Walla valley and surrounding areas.  



Ingrid Heintzberger Vu's Early Education for the study of East Asian Medicine

After completing undergraduate studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and some travelling overseas, Ingrid moved back to her home town of Portland, OR.   There, she became involved in the Natural Foods industry.  As a buyer for Nature's Fresh Northwest (now 'New Seasons'), she spent several years serving customers in supplements and natural body care. During this time, she felt the pulse of the Portland community's health needs, and saw which imbalances seemed to be plaguing much of the population. Enjoying the ability to help people directly, she enrolled in the graduate program at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine.  


"I liked the time-tested quality of Chinese Medicine. . . and since I came from the Naturopathic supply field, I appreciated the fact that I could direct my focus to one body of herbal medicine. Pairing Acupuncture and other meridian techniques with correct herbal prescribing proves to be the most powerful healer of all."    

 Ingrid Heintzberger Vu, EAMP, Dipl.Ac, MAcOM

Traditional Chinese Medicine in Walla Walla

After graduation from OCOM in 1999, Ingrid relocated to Washington's wine valley to help the underserved population of Southeastern Washington. There, the Catherine Street Clinic was born, and to this day continues to help thousands of people improve their health naturally.


Further Post-graduate Studies

To address the overwhelming number of allergy cases, Ingrid started employing techniques she had addressed in her thesis project on Bio-Energetic techniques in combination with Acupuncture.  These included early priniciples from Devi Nambudripad's NAET, and Ellen Cutler's BioSet. Ingrid began flying to the San Francisco Bay area to periodically study with Ellen Cutler, DC, MD, bringing back to Walla Walla the relevant techniques her patients so desperately needed to thrive in beautiful, but dusty and chemical laden Walla Walla valley.

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